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Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina

".....with blooms bright to ink your gaze
and fruit ripe to fuel your days,
with roots, deep to hold you strong
as all unfurls ....."
This excerpt from the beautiful poem ?????? by Kirli Saunders feels like the perfect introduction to Bush Medijina

 Bush Medijina began in a small shed, fueled by a big dream: to grow their business, to support Warningakalina women, to share their culture with others, and to preserve their traditions and knowledge for future generations.

Using recipes passed down to them by their mothers, aunties and grandmothers, Bush Medicine hand-make their products.
They harvest local bush produce and combine it with natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers across Australia.
WEFTshop is so happy to be offering these soulful products.


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